For anyone wanting to have themes made for your needs, here is what I am offering.   I will launch a wordpress theme  & HTML club that will allow you to suggest what you need and I will build out the wordpress themes and HTML theme plus allow you to use them for your projects.

Now all themes come with multiple layouts and you can then use other plugins like sliders and such to customize the look and feel of the sites.  I will include the my favorite choice with this club as well.

Now, I will ask for people to let me know niches that they would like to see as well as base color scheme for the template.  These themes will come with developer rights for you and you can use them on an unlimited number of sites.  You can sell them as long as they are installed on a domain name.

I will build the themes and add them to a collection of themes, so everything will be available to the entire group.  If you would like a one off template, you can get one made that will not be offered to the group.

In addition to these suggested themed niche sites, I will also provide some past designs that I have made and continue to make for local niche markets.

So, what do you get with this offer.

  1. Custom WordPress themes & HTML themes based on what the group members suggestions and I will start with (20) and go from there.
  2. Niched WordPress themes & HTML themes based on popular niches that are in multiple local niched areas (20-40)
  3. The ability to get a custom wordpress site theme & HTML theme built for your own needs that will not be shared within the club
  4. Ability to become an affiliate for this product when it is released in the near future and make 50% profit for this product club as well as upsell oto’s
  5. Ability to use these themes (wordpress as well as HTML) for unlimited personal as well as client projects (developer rights)
  6. Guarantee to have at least (100) WordPress themes & (100) HTML Themes included within this club within 180 days or less, then add (10) more per month for 12 months
  7. One time buy in for the club will get you access for lifetime as well as developer rights
  8. This is limited to the first 50 49 people in only and will not be available to the public until released at a later date

I will start building themes out immediately and will be looking for niche requests as soon as members join.   I will also include some niche slider images for sites as well that you will have use rights for with your website builds.

I am adding in the you tube link for some of the simple things that you can do to update and customize these themes.  These are truly versatile themes that can be used to make multiple types of sites.

If you need hosting or wordpress theme setup, I will offer this through the club, at an additional price and will handle these on one off basis.

One Time Fee  $149